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Dark Independence

🇸🇱 April 27 1961 🇸🇱

In 2018, unintentionally I started a trilogy of Independence Day poems.

The first was We Are Waiting (2018) which was turned into a visual poem produced by Young Salone and directed by Abu B. Yillah.

The second was Bittersweet Salone (2020), this is the final Independence piece entitled Dark Independence:

Light don go…

Light don kam!

Light don go…

Light don kam!

Leh wi sing am ba!

Light don go…

Light don kam!

This is a hit record in Lion Mountain

Every living generation knows it

It’s one thing that keeps us together

If it’s one thing that could keep us together…

What do you think that is?

“Sam, dis Independence e nor swit bo!”

“Na Independent or Independence?”

“Ow wi dae fo d Independent?”

We ask so many questions

Yet we have little to answer to

But when elections are around the corner suddenly all the answers are available

Politicians politricking

The economy is trickling

Animosity is thickening

It is all so sickening

Riddle me this

What goes up and never comes down?

Prices in The Republic

Ol tin go up




Even plasas

We need a boost

We need a break

We need relief

We need healing

61 since 1961

And yet the journey has just begun

A battle that has yet to be won

Light don go…

Light get fo kam?

© Mina Bilkis 2022


ergo sum cogito

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