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Top 7 Things to do in Freetown in December 2022

Disemba don kam! (December is here)

And of course I know you can't start your month off right without a sprinkle of ✨ TOP 7 ✨!

There are so many events this month and you all are in for a special treat. As usual I will share 7 events you can attend this month but I'll also plug a couple of articles that have a more extensive list of events.

This December, may your pockets or the pockets of your provider ever be in your favor!

Let's begin!

Topi 7 thing stop do in Freetown this December:

1. Gbambgaode Festival 🎤

Gbambgaode is the Krio word for "out in the open". This festival is one of the most anticipated (IF not the most anticipated) festival of the year.

Gbamgbaode makes its debut as the new festival kid on the block this year by headlining international stars such as Ayra Starr and Ruger from Nigeria. To be out in the open this year, here are the details:

Dates: Wednesday, December 21 - Thursday, December 22 2022

Time: 3pm (December 21) till closing

Venue: Sugarland Beach, Goderich

Tickets: For 2 day passes - nLe 300 (regular) | nLe 1000 (VIP)

For a 1 day pass - nLe 200

Payments can be made on Ventix (the app is available on the Play Store and Apple Store), via Orange Money and Africell Money.

For more information contact +232 73 704 740 and check out their social media handles (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) @gbamgbaode

For a list of more festivals, check out Visit Sierra Leone's list: 7 Festivals You Should Definitely Check Out This December.

2. Masquerade Ball 🎭

Azalea Senior Sisters host their masquerade ball in commemoration of their 35th anniversary. The perfect event to attend if you want to be incognito or if your face card is on constant decline.

I kid.

Want to be the belle or beau of the ball?

Date: Friday, December 16 2022

Time: 7pm

Venue: New Brookfields Hotel, Brookfields

Tickets: nLe 750 (ordinary) | nLe 1000 (VIP)

all tickets come with a mask

Tickets will not be available at the gate, to buy yours contact +232 77 605 100 or +232 79 744 729

3. Freetong Film Festival 📽️

Baana Media presents this year's Freetong Film Festival.

As I've mentioned a few times this year, the resurgence of film, arts and cultural events in Freetown and across Sierra Leone is very heartwarming. Theater is being revived!

Check out the Freetong Film Festival featuring films by Sierra Leonean based filmmakers and those in the Diaspora.

Date: Thursday, December 15 - Sunday, December 18 2022

Time: 12pm noon till close

Venue: Barmoi Hotel, Aberdeen

Tickets: nLe 150 (regular) | nLe 250

For more information you can contact them at: and Facebook and Instagram @baanamedia

4. Upcycle Popup & Sustainability Festival 2022 👚

This is such a refreshing take on how to tackle the crisis through creativity.

The Upcycle Popup & Sustainability Festival has a lot in store for attendees such as a runway, creative expo, photo exhibition and more.

To attend and learn more about climate change:

Date: Saturday, December 24 2022

Time: I presume in the afternoon that would extend into the evening hours? lol

Venue: Kallon Car Park, Lumley Beach

Tickets: nLe 60 (in advance) | nLe 70 (at the gate)

For tickets and further inquiries contact +232 79 587 718

5. Tutu Hall Party 🕺🏿

Tutu Party by Emmerson is Sierra Leone's unofficial national anthem. If you know.

SL Boys are known for their Tutu Hall Party in the London. To be a part of the Tutu Hall Party in Freetown:

Date: Wednesday, December 28 2022

Time: 6pm

Venue: Freetown International Conference Centre (FICC), Bintumani Hotel, Aberdeen

Dress code: Smart/Classy or Ashobi

Tickets: $30 (standard) | $50 (VIP)

To get your tickets, visit SL Boys' website at

6. Daytoxx Party 🥳

If you like day parties, this one is for you!

Daytoxx will be having their day party on:

Date: Thursday, December 29 2022

Time: 2-11pm

Venue: Swiss Hotel Sky Garden, Spur Road

Tickets: nLe 200 (early bird tickets) | nLe 250 (at the gate)

For your ticket, contact +232 78 619 816 or +232 78 138 947

For other events such as this, check out Fambul's event calendar.

7. Violet Violent Voices 🎤

Violet Violent Voices Vol. 2 Exhibition brings together post expressionist renditions by showcasing not only the artist's appreciation for the marvel of Africa but their view on current social issues.

You can attend this year's exhibition on:

Date: Friday, December 16 - Saturday, December 17 2022

Time: 2-7pm daily

Venue: LACS Villa, 3A Cantonment Road off King Harman Road, Brookfields

Free admission

At the moment there are 2 other art exhibitions taking place this week: Reunion at Mango Peak, Hillstation and The Barray at Toma's, Aberdeen.

And that's all folks! At least for Top 7 for this year.

You'll definitely hear from me once again before the end of the year.


To advertise your event, brand or organization, shoot me an email at

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