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Top 7 Things to do in Freetown in July 2022

Updated: Jul 7, 2022



Uncle July, ah tek God beg yu (Krio translation: I plead with you in the name of God)

Yes, July is male because fun fact, the month was named in honor of Roman general Julius Caesar.

July o

- ah tek God beg yu

DUYA (please).


On the first of July, my friend posted "July, ah tek God beg yu" on her WhatsApp status and it has been the most apt way to start this month and I say it any chance I get.

We have completed the first half of 2022 and June has been heavy for us here in the Republic.

Thankfully, I had a wonderful birthday (and thank you all once again for the well wishes!), but since then it has been one thing after the other in June.

To arbitrary arrests

To another fuel hike and hoarding crisis

To misinformation too much

Qu'est-ce que se passe? (French translation: What's happening?)

You know, in the past Julys I used to follow the trend #NoBuyJuly wherein I would cut out miscellaneous spending and stick to essentials only, but in this economic climate - it's not even a choice 🤣

What can I buy? We've all seen the price of gas and other commodities!

Anyways sha, let me get on with this Top 7 although ah nor gladi, leh grumble nor kam gi mi wan room en pala na Benghazi (I'm not happy but wouldn't want to end up in Benghazi due to complaining)

Please it was a JOKE o! Ah tek God beg yu weh dae read (I plead with you readers!)! 😂

*clears throat*

Luk, tin tranga (Look, things are hard) now, if I don't laugh I'll cry. So let's begin:

Like Adele I'm going to take it easy on you and this Top 7 Things to do in Freetown in July will mostly be activities you can do without monetary currency:

Speaking of currency:

1) Understanding the New Leones (Nle) 🇸🇱💰
Source: Bank of Sierra Leone

As of July 1 2022, the much talked about newly redenominated currency hit the market!

I have only seen a few bills myself but I understand it is making its rounds in the economy.

Gone are the days many were "millionaires" as Le 1,000,000 was about $72 (USD) as of June 30 2022. We are now thousandaires... leh wi ush yaaaa? (Let's bear) Haha.

With the 1000s being knocked off and reverting to the previous Leones and Cents system, we are learning how to transact in this new currency.

You can use the conversion tool by Bank of Sierra Leone: and even save it to your Home screen as an app if you have an iPhone! (I don't know about Androids hehe). #iPhoneUser

Remember, as of September 30 2022 the old Leones will cease to become legal tender. If you have your old Leones endeavor to get them changed as soon as possible!


2. Take It Easy ☀️
Source: Google Image

Honestly, take it easy.

We are literally surviving a pandemic

A war in Europe and its global effects

A global recession

Give yourself grace and pat yourself on the back for just showing up.

If there's anytime to glorify the "bare minimum" it would be NOW, no lie.

Do you boo.

If you need a mental health day - take it.

If you need to sleep a little longer - do it.

If you want one more slice of a cheeky dessert - eat it.

Do what you have to recharge, block out the noise and rest for a bit.

You know yourself best.

Nowadays I find myself reading, listening to music and meditating a lot. It helps me anyway.

3.) Digital Detox #Unplug
Source: verywellmind

In as much as social media and content creation are my livelihood, digital detoxes are necessary for all digital users.

Have you considered taking a digital detox? Whether it's taking a break from your beloved WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok or your preferred social media platform, there are many benefits with completing disconnecting from these channels no matter how temporary.

In as much as social media indulgence can be a great escape for comic relief and virtual bonding with others, it can also add on to social pressures you're already experiencing in your life offline.

I took a social media break last year for 7 weeks last year and it was such a great re-energizer. You can learn more about the benefits on verywellmind.

4.) Poets of the City 🌆

Poetry is good for the soul

Barla presents Poets of the City - an evening of some of Freetown's bests poets and promise to it'll be a night of "amazing readings".

Some of the poets include Fantacee Wiz; folksinger and activist, S'phongo; Zimbabwean spoken word artist, Qwineve artists and entrepreneur and many more.

This free event will place:

Date: Saturday, July 9 2022

Time: 6:00pm

Venue: Barla Beach Café, Lumley Beach

5.) Public Elections Act 📝

It's no secret we are in an election year.

With our upcoming presidential elections scheduled for June 2023; just 11 months away, it is pertinent as citizens (and residents) to understand what's going on at Parliament.

#SaloneTwitter as well as other social media corners in Salone internet have been set ablaze with the highly debated Public Elections Act 2022.

You can learn more about it by checking the Google Drive link I created: Public Elections Act 2022.

But of course, we hope a Good Samaritan can also break it down so we can learn and benefit from its content more!

6.) Be Thankful 🙏🏾
Source: Pinterest

Indeed, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

In #2 I mentioned taking it easy and giving yourself grace. In return, to reap those benefits you must also give in kind by extending gratitude.

Whether it is to a higher being.

Whether it is to your family, friend, colleague or associate.

Whether it is to your accountability partner.

Whether it is to your side boo or someone else's.

What are you thankful for? At the end of the day we all have something to be thankful for.

I am thankful for my support system, my livelihood and the Almighty.

7.) Rainy Season Stories by Donii Major 🌧️

Donii Major, popularly known for his hit single "Fritong City" hosts his second concert in two years called Rainy Season stories.

This concert is a precursor for the release of material he has been working on over the past few months.

"I'm pretty excited as I will be collaborating with a few other Sierra Leonean acts to give an incredible experience to the people attending the show." - Donii Major

And I'm sure many share Donii's excitement.

You can join Donii and experience his unreleased stories and melodies on:

Date: Saturday, July 30 2022

Time: 7pm (doors will be closed at this time)

Venue: Swiss Spirit Hotel, Spur Road

Fee: Nle 500

*Tickets will not be sold at the door, to secure your ticket contact +232 77 629 882

What will you be up to this July?

Whatever you decide I wish you have fun doing it.

Until next time, be easy.

ergo sum cogito,

Mina Bilkis


If you'd like your brand, event or business featured, I'm just an email ( or DM away. Would you like to advertise your product or service on Mina Bilkis? Hit me up, let's talk.

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