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Top 7 Things to do in Freetown in March 2022!

Hey hey hey readers!

I would say happy March but we know this March ain't all that happy.

The dollar is up

gas is up

things in the market are up

yo blood pressure up

your person's body count is up...

It's all just too much.

So let's take a breather together shall we?

Breathe in...


Breathe out...

Very good.

We will get through this, last last we will survive.

To ease the pain, there are quite a few activities happening in our bubbly city this month -- many that do not require you to spend money (or much) to attend! Let me know what you get up to, you can DM or tag me on socials at @minabilkis (Twitter + Instagram).

But one thing I am happy about is that my favorite month (apart from my birthday month of course #June #GeminiQueen) is March -- WOMEN'S MONTH!

Happy women's month to all the women around the world, it's our month! 💃🏽 This year's theme is gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow #BreakTheBias.

As usual, in no particular order -- Top 7 things to do in Freetown this March!

1) Paintings by Kosonike Koso-Thomas 🎨

I've been saying this from 2020, it is a good time to be a Sierra Leonean Creative -- our people don't miss!

Prof Koso-Thomas will be celebrating his 90th birthday this year and still has time to grace us with thirty new exclusive pieces for this exhibition this week, like wow!

He will be launching his book Peacekeeper Lover on Tuesday, March 8 2022 at Country Lodge, Hillstation at 5pm and his paintings will be on display at Radisson Blu Hotel, Aberdeen on Wednesday, March 9 2022 at 5:30pm. Both events are free of charge.

2) International Women's Day (IWD) March 👩🏾👨🏾

On International Women's Day (IWD), individuals, organizations and allies alike will be doing a peaceful demonstration calling upon the Government to ban Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Sierra Leone.

FGM is a prevalent form of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Sierra Leone affecting 8.5/10 women and girls nationwide and over 200 million worldwide. There is no law that explicitly bans FGM like in other countries. Join the fight and #BreakTheBias by joining the march on:

Date: Tuesday, March 8 2022

Time: 10am-2pm

Meeting point: Youyi Building, The Light

Dress code: Wear a white T-shirt

3.) Sierra Leone Icons Exhibit 🇸🇱

Freetown City Council (FCC) in collaboration with African Curator and Yasmin TELLS present the Sierra Leone Icons Exhibit in commemoration of Freetown turning 230 years old!

Date: March 8 - March 13 2022

Venue: FCC, 2nd Floor - Wallace Johnson Street

Free Entrance

Check out what Freetown has to offer at this one of a kind exhibition!

4.) Power Women 232 Conversation Series👩🏾🎙️

Power Women 232 return with their conversation series. This month their speaker is Michala Mackay - Chief Operating Officer of Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI).

In line with IWD, the conversations theme is wellbeing and equality: keys to a sustainable future. It is open to the public (free of charge) and will be held on:

Date: Thursday, March 17 2022

Time: 5 - 7pm

Venue: Bliss Restaurant, Wilkinson Road

To RSVP, contact +232 76 808 716

5.) Salsa Night at The View 🕺🏿💃🏽

Shake body with The View on Wednesdays by learning how to Salsa!

The View is a fairly new establishment situated in the heart of Freetown at the new Freetown City Council (FCC) building.

Loosen up because let's face it, yagba nor dae don (Krio: troubles are never ending) in Salone.

Date: every Wednesday (in March)

Time: 7pm

Entry fee: Le 25,000

Venue: The View, FCC

6.) Poetry & Chill 🎭

Salone Literary Club (SLC) in partnership with Cole Street Guest House present Poetry and Chill.

SLC is a youth organization that promotes creativity and expression through poetry and spoken word. Support them by joining them for their Poetry and Chill session on:

Date: Friday, March 25 2022

Time: 7pm

Venue: Cole Street Guest House, off Murray Town Road

Fee: Le 100,000

Contact +232 79 930 113 for reservations and more details.

7.) Music and Bonfire Night 🎵🔥

Fancy some music and a bonfire? Then Maroon View has a treat for you!

Date: Saturday, March 26 2022

Venue: Bureh Beach

Fee: Le 200,000 (This includes dinner, 2 drinks and of course the music and bonfire)

For accommodation that is the separate fee depending on how deep your pockets are.

Follow up with Charles for more information on +232 30 651 491

And that's it for me! And Happy International Women's Day to all women!

Mina Bilkis

ergo sum cogito.


To feature your business, brand or organization, contact me at!

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Thank you so much Mina🔥🔥🔥

This was a great read . I am definitely attending most of these insha'Allah. 😘😘

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