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Top 7 Things to do in Freetown in November 2022

Can you believe it's almost that time of the year? It's already November! Where has the year flown by?

Well, we can't reverse time - but we can definitely plan how to spend the next few weeks of the year.

Here's a list of Top 7 things to do in Freetown this month to help you!

1. Wine and Live Jazz 🎷

Tacugama presents Wine & Live Jazz night tonight!

Join them as they raise money for their beloved chimps and our national animal of Sierra Leone!

Date: Friday, November 4 2022

Venue: Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Regent

Time: 7pm

Fee: Le 300 | with a 20% discount on your lodge stay

2.) Choice Premiere 🎥

Keita World of Arts presents "Choice". We are seeing more and more Sierra Leonean film and arts projects, keep it up!

To support them tonight at their premiere:

Date: Friday, November 4 2022

Time: 6pm

Venue: Freetown City Council, Wallace Johnson Street

Fee: Silver Le 100 | Gold Le 250 | Patron Le 500 | Double Patron Le 750

3. Sightseeing City Walking Tour 👟

Want to see the city by foot? Go for a sightseeing city walking tour with IPC Travel:

Date: Saturday, November 12 2022

Duration: 2 hours

Fee: Le 100

Contact IPC Travel at +232 77 777 774 for details and further inquiries.

4. Karo Kura 🌑

Folk singer and songwriter Fantacee Wiz presents "Karo Kura" (new moon in Kuranko).

Join her this month at her live performance and listen to spoken word poetry and folktales.

Date: Sunday, November 13 2022

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: Toma's Boutique, Cape Road, Aberdeen

Fee: Le 200

Contact +232 76 626 465 for more information.

5.) YOLO Festival 🔵

Unicom presents the You Only Live Once (YOLO) Festival.

If you're about that life and you're looking to dance, vibe and connect, go get am nice on:

Date: Friday, November 18 2022

Time: 6pm

Venue: Kallon Car Park, Lumley Beach Road

Fee: Le 40 (in advance) | Le 50 (at the gate)

Contact +232 77 332 289 or +232 78 252 987 to get your tickets.

6.) Jungle Fever 🌴

Kamelion Event presents Jungle Fever: Party in the Jungle.

For a night of performances, fire dancing, live music and more - check them out on:

Date: Saturday, November 19 2022

Time: 7pm

Venue: Mango Peak, Hillstation

Fee: Le 200 (Jungle Book) | Le 1,500 (Tarzan and Jane) | Le 3000 (Jumanji) | Le 6000 (King-Kong)

7. 16 Days of Activism starts 🟠

16 Days of Activism runs from November 25 to December 10 each year which unites activists around the world with the demand to end violence against women. As we are aware, Sierra Leone has a high Gender Based Violence (GBV) rate, in your corner and in your way talk up and against these injustices that affect more than half the world's population.

And that's it...

For now. Until next time.

Mina Bilkis.

ergo sum cogito


If you'd like your brand, event or business featured, I'm just an email ( away. Would you like to advertise your product or service on Mina Bilkis? Hit me up, let's talk.

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