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#Top7 Things to Do in Freetown in April 2020: #COVID19 Edition

Hello readers, and happy new month 🌸


Respirez (Breathe)

Calmez-vous (Relax)


If you're reading this consider yourself very fortunate. You have made it despite all the noise and havoc, YOU made it to April 2020. And I consider that a huge feat because we all know that this year has been moving MAD and it is officially cancelled. (This message is sponsored by the Board of the Year of Cancellations 2020).

I consider myself privileged to have you on my site at a time like this and I would like to thank you for taking the time during a period of global uncertainty, panic and anguish to find a moment of stillness to read my blog post. Tenki (Thank you).

If I start to think back to all the social plans I had for this month, hmm Walahi ah go jos bos cry (honestly I would just erupt in tears). 🤣

April is a BIG month in Sierra Leone because our Independence Day falls on April 27 and the festivities leading up to Independence Day are usually pretty amazing.


Burna Boy was supposed to come 😭...BURNA in OLUWABURNA, Nigerian Grammy nominated Afro-fusion songwriter and artist!

Anyone who knows me, KNOWS I am a Burna Boy fan. By now I would have been preparing to see Burna at the Siaka Stevens National Stadium but alas... COVID-19 had other plans. #Sigh

During this time readers, please do not relent. Take this time to work on projects or tasks you have long procrastinated on. Things seem very grim now, but know that this too shall pass. Take this time to fall back in love with what life really is about: compassion, kindness, family, love, people and if you're religious God. Find the positives and use that to center to yourself during this time. Practice self-care, find a hobby, learn something new. Fall back in love with life.

On March 31 2020, Sierra Leone announced its first confirmed case of the infamous Coronavirus. Until then, we were the only West African nation to be have zero (reported) cases. As of today, South Sudan, Comoros, Lesotho and São Tomé and Principe remain the only African countries with zero (reported) cases. I wish them well.

As we prepare for our national 72 hour lockdown from Sunday, April 5 - Tuesday, April 7 2020, I have prepared some COVID-19 friendly things to do to keep you sane and energized for this month. Stay safe and please feel free to let me know in the comment section which ones you'll be doing.

Ok, so let's begin.

As usual, in no particular order; comme d'habitude (as usual in French). I present to you: Top 7 Things to Do in April 2020: COVID-19 Edition!

1. Play Ludo

Be honest, wen las yu play Ludo (When last did you play Ludo?) 🙃

Ludo is a fun board game you can play to spend time with your family or play with friends online, there's even an app for it! 😊

In Salone we have different versions to this fun game such as Kik en Ome, Bak en Front, Kik en Siz, Taxi and more. Let me know which ones are you favorite in the comment section.

2. Kololi Bar Deliveries 🍲
Kololi Restobar. Picture taken by Mina Bilkis
Kololi Restobar. Picture taken by Mina Bilkis

Remember those new year resolutions that we made to be fit and go to the gym? Please let's all laugh together. What gym are we going to in these 'Rona times? Let's eat 😊. We can all attain those body goals next year 🤣 #2020IsCancelled

Kololi Restobar is situated opposite the Kololi Casino on Lumley Beach Road (next to the former 232 Complex now H2O complex).

Kololi offers a variety of Asian dishes, from Teriyaki to Sushi and best of all they DELIVER!

Contact them for your order, and if you're feeling generous you can send me a glass of Bubble Tea and a Sushi platter 😉

For your delivery orders you can contact:

Tel No: +23288390062 or +23231348438

3. Read, Write, Draw

Do you like to read, write or even draw but haven't done so in awhile? Why not take this time to finish writing that poem you started some months ago, finish reading that book you liked or draw what you're feeling? These activities can be therapeutic for many. I hope it gives you some comfort during this time.

4. Yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️

Have you ever tried Yoga?

In addition to the stillness and calm yoga provides the yogi, Yoga has a lot of physical health benefits which include weight loss, improved posture, increased flexibility and more.

Consider joining a virtual class, I would recommend Yoga with Adriene for beginners. You can check her channel on Youtube here.

5. Listen to a Podcast 🎙️

Y Square Pod is back ! 😉

We are back with a brand new podcast episode, where we discuss the current times in Episode 22 ‘Uncle Coro(na), is this life?. I am one half of the podcast duo Ysquare Pod that I co-host with Yasmin Metz-Johnson.

In this episode we discuss the current Coronavirus pandemic or Uncle Coro as we have nicknamed it. We highlight our predictions of what life will be like post-COVID-19 and discuss self-care regimens, the challenges it will present and more.

Check out our latest episode on Soundcloud here.

6. Learn a language 📚

Rosetta Stone - the world language learning software announced on March 20 2020 that they will be offering a 3-months free subscription for students!

Have you been procrastinating on learning a new language? Well here you go! Parents can sign their children (primary, middle school and high school) on the Rosetta Stone website.

For other language learning sites and applications check out Babbel and/or Duolingo.

7. Post COVID-19 Vision Board
Vision Board created by members of Girl Up Vine Club Sierra Leone
Vision Board created by members of Girl Up Vine Club Sierra Leone

Are you having trouble envisioning a future post COVID-19? It's ok, you're not alone.

Create a vision board with goals, dreams and affirmations and work to execute them. This can provide clarity, motivation and hope. For guidelines on how to create on, check out this Youtube video by Talk Show Personality and Youtuber Lilly Singh.


And that's it!

Stay safe, practice social distancing, hydrate yourself and think positive thoughts. This too shall pass.

To have your brand, business or organization featured, kindly contact

ergo sum cogito

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