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#Top7 Things To Do In Freetown In March 2020

Happy new month! 😃

aaaaaaannnnnnd Happy WOMEN'S Month!

It goes without saying you can expect woman (and girls) filled content this month on Mina Bilkis.

From stories showcasing the work, strides and achievements of women and girls to highlighting the systemic and structural systems of oppression, injustice, discrimination and violence women and girls face with the intention to raise awareness and consciousness of issues that still happen in today's world. And also to be grateful for the civil liberties we as women (and girls) enjoy due to the sacrifices of fabulously courageous women made in the past in the fight for women's liberation. Watch this space. It's our month. #InternationalWomensMonth

But first things first.... #Top7 !

This month was a tough one for me...there were so many events to pick and choose from. For more events feel free to peruse the web at large for what tickles your fancy. But as we have it, the #Top7 chosen ones comme d'habitude* (French*: and as usual) in no particular order:

1. Map with Doniie & Vernon 🎙️

Tonight, Doniie & Vernon promise a relaxing evening in the intimate setting of Toma Boutique Bar & Restaurant at Cape Road, Aberdeen.

Start off your March by listening to the talented duo this evening at 7:00pm. To RSVP, kindly contact +23278826876 or +23278526606.

2. The Ignition Hour ⏳

In March's edition of the monthly show - The Ignition Hour, Founder and Presenter Aminata Kane Balde discusses the topic THE SHE FACTOR: A Recipe For Sucess. Her guest speakers are Ajara Marie Bomah; Founder and Creative Director of Women Mean Business and Miatta D. Efe-Oghene; Founder and CEO of Carmel & Butcher.

To watch the show live:

Date: Saturday, March 7 2020

Time: 3:00-4:00pm

Venue: Pearl Restaurant, Lumley Beach

To confirm your attendance, send a WhatsApp message to: +23299733998

3. Vision 2030 🔍

Women Mean Business in partnership with Ariana Diaries transform the meaning of collaboration and take it to the next level!

In celebration of International Women’s Month, Women Mean Business and Ariana Diaries take a more practical approach to create equal opportunities for all by investing in female leaders and entrepreneurs who seek growth and development by hosting the Vision 2030 for female entrepreneurs and leaders who want to plant seeds of growth for the next decade.

To register, click and fill the google doc form:

Date: Friday March 13 - Saturday March 14 2020

Venue: Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel, Lumley Beach


General fee*: Le 1,500,000

Overnight stay at Radisson Blu*: Le 2,500,000

*Fees include feeding, workshop materials and resources.

For further inquiries you can contact the organizers at or call +23276350548 or +23299605755

4. Digital Rights Discussion 🌐

We hear about human rights, but what about digital rights? What is digital rights?

Girl Up Vine Club Sierra Leone in collaboration with Paradigm Initiative will be hosting a panel discussion on Using Digital Media as a Tool to Amplify Voices in Africa. Invited are media professionals, journalists, bloggers, digital storytellers, donors, private and public sector individuals, organization and entities working in the field of amplifying marginalized and invisibilized groups of people and issues in the digital era. And of course the general public is more than welcome.

To learn more about digital rights and the discussion:

Date: Tuesday, March 10 2020

Time: 6:00pm

Venue: Sensi Tech Hub, Aberdeen

The evening will be led by dynamic speakers and leaders working and funding work in the digital space. The flyer will be shared later this week across all platforms so keep an eye out.

Trust me you don't want to miss it; I'll be moderating the session. 😉

5. 1st Islamic Mobile App in Sierra Leone 🤳🏿

This event is a perfect example of exercising your rights both offline and online in the digital era: freedom of religion. Sierra Leone is regarded as one of the most religiously tolerant countries in the world. Oh yes. Something you won't see much in Western Media 🙃.

We live in a country where Muslims and Christians intermarry and live peacefully. #Funfact: both Muslim and Christian prayers are performed before the commencement of an event 😊. #MamaSalone #Coexist

Be apart of this historic event as the Sierra Leone Islamic Web Organization launches the first Islamic Mobile Application in Sierra Leone:

Date: Sunday, March 8 2020

Time: 12:o0pm (noon)

Venue: Miatta Conference Hall, Brookfields


Standard: Le 35,000

Silver: Le 70,000

Gold: Le 150,000

Patron: Le 200,000

VIP: By Invitation

6. Freetown Pitch Night 🎤

Freetown's monthly pitching platform for entrepreneurs and start ups presents this month's theme: Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2: Zero Hunger

How can we achieve Zero Hunger in Sierra Leone?

This involves promoting sustainable agricultural, supporting small-scale farmers and equal access to land, technology, markets and more.

Learn more from the entrepreneurs and experts themselves:

Date: Wednesday, March 11 2020

Time: 6:00-9:00pm

Venue: British Council, Towerhill

7. Freetong Tori: Jungle Book 🌴

In celebration of Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary's 25th anniversary, Sierra Leone's beloved chimp sanctuary is offering a fun filled experience on:

Date: Saturday, March 28 2020

Tickets: Le 250,000 (adults) and Le 150,000 (children)

The ticket package includes*:

4:30pm : Sanctuary Tour

6:00pm : Dinner

and an evening of fine art, poetry and music in partnership with Salone Literary Club (SLC).

*free ride from Tacugama

To RSVP, contact +23279930113.


And that's it!

What event will you be attending this month? Let me know in the comment section below.

To have your event, business or brand featured on Mina Bilkis, please contact us at for sponsorship, advertisement and collaborations.

ergo sum cogito

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