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Top 7 is back: 7 Things to do in Freetown in December 2023

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Freetown's favorite blogger returns to your gadgets.

Filmed by Elvis Andai. Edited by Mina Bilkis

Firstly, I wish all Freetownians are safe at this time and working through their triggers and traumas associated with the recent events. My heart continues to bleed for Freetown and Salone as a whole. I hope you all are safe and well at this time. This too shall pass.

Where has Mina Bilkis and Top 7 been?

Life update: I've been here, there, everywhere and also nowhere - if possible haha.

From May to July of this year I was in the United Kingdom. I had the esteemed privilege of being a Chevening fellow and spent my "summer" (UK weather you have not begun to see my wrath) in London studying at University of Westminster under the Chevening Africa Media Freedom Fellowship.

Upon my return to Sierra Leone, I soon prepared to attend my first cousin's wedding in Lagos, Nigeria (y'all know I'm half Nigerian even though I clown their Jollof) in September and attended my annual feminist meetings and trainings in Cotonou, Benin in October and did a Mina Meetups session in Nairobi, Kenya in November.

Lagos - Cotonou - Nairobi

So yeah your girl has been busy, but it's also good to know I've been missed 🙃. Absence makes the heart grow fonder as 'they' say, and as usual the feeling is mutual so here I am doing what you love most.

Let's get to Top 7 shall we?

So this one will be a bit different until we return to some sense of normalcy in the Republic. I will reference 7 things to do this month (as usual) but these activities and/or events will not be what you may expect. (I'm managing your expectations now 😆). As President Bio addresses the nation tonight and we understand more about the curfew and its duration, I feel it would be a disservice to you all to actively promote December events that may be cancelled and/or postponed. Let's hang in tight and hopefully there'll be an abundance in the new year.

Ok I've done all the official talk, let's get to why you're here!

Things to do (7 to be precise) in Freetown this month are....

1. Stop The Violence - 16 Days 🟠

Each year starting on November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to December 10, World Human Rights Day, the 16 Days of Activism campaign raises awareness of violence against women and girls globally and calls for action to end one of the most discriminatory practices and structural forms of gender based violence. This year the theme is Invest to Prevent Violence against Women and Girls. This is the time to raise your awareness to gender based issues and join a webinar, be an ally and join a peaceful march and/or support organizations and networks that work to end sexual and gender based violence such as Rainbo Initiative and Not in My Name Campaign to name a few. Let's work together to end gender based violence in our lifetime.

2.) Support aspiring soccer players in Sierra Leone

Mohamed S. Conteh and Arnold Mulbah Kennedy are two passionate and experienced professional and ex-professional soccer players from Sierra Leone and Liberia respectively based in the United States. Their initiative endeavors to host an event in Sierra Leone for aspiring female and male soccer players in Sierra Leone while assisting them to pursue higher education.

They are looking to raise the sum of $7885 this month in order to bring their plans to fruition. To learn more about their project and to support please click the Go Fund Me link below.

*this is a collaboration post

3.) The Barray Exhibition 🎨

The Barray Exhibition returns!

Curated by Hawa Jane, the Barray Exhibition showcases contemporary art by Sierra Leonean artists. This year the theme is "Unraveling the Matrix". Be a part of the experience on:

Date: Thursday, December 14 - Sunday, December 17 2023

Time: 12pm noon - to late

Venue: Toma's Boutique Hotel, Aberdeen

Admission: Free

4.) Shop with Miharbi The Concept 🌍

"Luxury sourced from the continent" - Miharbi

Miharbi The Concept is an online concept store that releases collections based on countries in Africa. They source items from certain African countries and add to their Instagram shop for a limited time. If you're looking to get pieces and items across the continent, Miharbi is your plug! 🔌

They are a new and upcoming brand with a launch date of December 16 2023. To learn more about their collection and their first country, follow them on Instagram at and stock up on launch day while supplies last.

*this is a sponsored post

5.) Brunch na di na 🥘

Looking for a brunch event? Then The Kɔna is for you!

This Christmas edition of Brunch at The Kɔna is in collaboration with bartenders and mixologists Rocks & Ladles.

To make your reservation:

Date: Sunday, December 10 2023

Time: 11am - 4pm

Venue: The Kɔna - 22A Nylender Street, off Lumley Beach Road, Aberdeen

Fee: Minimum spending of nLe 500 per person

Contact The Kɔna at +232 30 103 333 for bookings and policy inquiries. The last day to RSVP is December 7 2023.

*this is a sponsored post

6.) Try a New Eatery Spot 🍲

One thing about us in Freetown, there'll always be a new spot for us #foodies and we are here for it.

Two new spots on the scene are El Greco and The Meat Factory.

You can check them out and let me know how you find them. I'm looking to check them out too when I'm back.

El Greco

Address: 62 Sir Samuel Road, Aberdeen

Instagram: @el_greco_sl

The Meat Factory

Address: 80 Wilkinson Road


7.) Visit the National Railway Museum 🚂

The National Railway Museum is a marvel and one of our national treasures.

Located in Cline Town in the east end of Freetown, the National Railway Museum offers 1 hour tours to visitors. If you're crazy about locomotives or want to learn more about Sierra Leone's fascinating history on trains, you can visit them on:

Visiting days: Monday - Friday (Saturday by appointment only)

Contact: +232 30 472 076 or +232 74 879 956

Address: Sierra Leone National Railway Museum, Cline Street, Cline Town

That's it for Top 7 but wait...there's more!

For more events, see below some resources from other creators to further facilitate your December 😉. I got you. Mina Bilkis gots you.

Now that's it.

Glad to be back in these digital streets. Be safe Freetownians and see you soon.


Mina Bilkis


To advertise your event, brand or organization, shoot me an email at

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