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Top 7 Things To Do in April in Freetown

Fambul dem, unu kushe! (Hey y'all! ...that is the best translation I can give lol, to non Krio speakers, find a Krio speaker to help you out hehe)

Welcome back to the blog!

Sorry for the late post (as I typically post this segment of the blog the last day before the new month starts) I was at the Freetown Music Festival living my best life 🤷🏾‍♀️ for do, life nor want yagba 😉. Without further ado, I bequeath to you the top 7 things to do in Freetown in avril!

...and as usual in no particular order....

1. The Izelia Experience

Izelia is a fashion house in Sierra Leone that prides itself on being more than that:

"IZELIA is more than a fashion brand, it is more than a lifestyle brand, Izelia is an inclusive showcase for the creativity of contemporary Africa." - Izelia.

The Izelia Experience (T.I.E) will be offering a unique three (3) day gara tie-dye-ing fiesta & experience geared towards celebrating & promoting the true Sierra Leonean heritage that is Gara Tye Dye.

Join IZELIA for a unique three (3) day Gara tie-dye fiesta / experience geared towards celebrating and promoting the true Sierra Leonean heritage using Gara Tie-Dye.

As per the flyer, the event will reveal The Izelia 2020 Collection & high fasion (fashion maybe? Ok I'll stop being This event will take place on:

Date: Friday 5th - Sunday 7th April 2019

Venue: Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel, Aberdeen


‪Day 1 - A showcase of IZELIA’s 2020 Couture Collection with a Runway Show & fundraising evening.‬

‪Day 2 – Gara Tie-Dye Exhibition‬

‪Day 3 - or grand finale – Gara Rave from 5pm. ‬

‪Dress Code: Gara or Tie-Dye & sneakers


Regular: Le 250,000 | VIP: Le 500,000 For bookings: +‪23299200300 or +23276576060‬

2. The Ignition Hour

The 50/50 Group Sierra Leone in collaboration with Academic and Career Advisory and Counseling Services (ACACS) and the University of Sierra Leone (USL) present The Ignition Hour.

The Ignition Hour is a monthly talk show event incepted in November 2018 to inspire young people to contribute meaningfully to national development. Madam Aminata Kane Balde; the Curator of Ignition Hour states that the rationale behind the project is to create a network and platform from various expertise culture and background that seek and provide knowledge that can inspire young people. She goes on to say that [they] strongly believe that ]they] can change the world with power of ideas that can inhibit ignorance, intolerance and idleness. She adds that [they] believe that continuous sharing of ideas can unlock the creativity, the passion and self-awareness needed in youth and in the future entrepreneurs.

This month's talk is on Mental Health: Empathy for the Vulnerable. Her guest speakers are Aminata S. Conteh; Founder & Director of Glowing Embers Network & Dr. Abdul Jalloh; Psychiatrist in Charge of Sierra Leone Psychiatric Hospital.

Date: Saturday, April 13 2019

Time: 1:00pm

Venue: Pearl Restaurant, Lumley Beach Road

3. Entrepreneur's Connect 🔌

It honestly is a great time to be a creative &/or entrepreneurial Sierra Leonean in Sierra Leone! - everyone

Entrepreneur's Connect is powered by 3CIA

This event is to promote local content #MadeInSierraLeone & to promote entrepreneurship.

From food stuff to cosmetics to Ankara accessories, everything you can imagine will be going down at:

Date: Saturday, April 13 2019

Venue: Kallon Car Park, Lumley Beach

Time: 10AM - when you leave


Adults: Le 30,000

Children (ages 1-10): Le 10,000

FREE cupcakes for the first 100 guests! You don't want to miss this event! Brands like Ori, Chelma's Design, United Africa Wears & more will be there!

4. Drizilik's Birthday Bash

Make sure di mami moni comot for attend dis event ya!

For a real Freetownian, Drizilik needs no introduction. He is one of our hottest underground rappers who has found mainstream success & he will be having his birthday bash on:

Date: Thursday, April 11 2019

Time: 9pm

Venue: Scarlet Lounge, Lagoonda.

Fee: Le 150,000

To RSVP: +23299124353 / +23288836911 For those who attend, there will be special perks like:

- Special performances from Drizilik - A bottle of wine for 4 people before midnight - Free drink of your choice with your ticket - Free photoshoot - Red Carpet photoshoot

You don't want to miss this event! RSVP your tickets to be in the Shukubly VIP edition!

This event will be hosted by DJ Fox & DJ Rampage.

5. Bunce Island Family Trip 🏝

JNAP Ventures Independence Bunce Island Family Trip is organized to encourage children to see first hand a part of the history of Sierra Leone & enjoying family time too.

This trip is supported by Sea Coach Express. It will be a tour guided event by the Monuments & Relics Commission Sierra Leone.

Date: Independence Day! (Saturday, April 27 2019)


Two children & a Parent: Le 1,000,000

Parent & Child: Le 700,000

One child: Le 350,000

to RSVP: +23278218336 / +23230218336

6. Power Women 232: Conversation With Series 🗣

Power Women 232 returns with its 'Conversations With' Series this month. They will be presenting a dynamic panel discussion on the theme "Balance for Better: A Personal Story". Their guests are Petroleum Engineer; Sebay Momoh, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Purposeful Productions Chernor Bah and Major Haja Ayodele Folorunso of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed forces.

Date: Thursday, April 4 2019

Time: 5:30pm

Venue: Bliss Restaurant, Wilkinson Road

7. Amare Dating ❤️

Hmmm...tin dae make tin be! (Again I have no English equivalent for this...please go ask your Sierra Leonean padi (friend)...or padi padi 😉)

This experience is brought to you by Amare Dating Ladies.

Amare which means "to love" in Italian; the Amare Dating event is Sierra Leone's first exclusive dating service for smart single professionals. Single being the operative word as it has deemed problematic in our society as to what the true meaning of "single" is. The organizers are kindly asking that those who are single single & not "I'm mad at my girlfriend/wife/side piece" single to patronize the event 🤣🤣.

Amare Dating aims to change the narrative that there are no good men or women in Sierra Leonean to date. They have heard men say "it's difficult to spark a decent conversation with a Sierra Leonean women" or women say "Salone men are just not romantic".

"It is a feminist dating environment giving equal opportunity to women & men to meet amazing people if they want shift the paradigm that a woman cannot make the first move. We promote enthusiastic consent for it to work well, meaning if a woman says "I don't want to talk to you" you don't force it. If she says "don't touch me this way", you don't. Throughout the program we will have slideshows wit those simple policies that everyone should adhere to" - Hadiatu Bah; co-organizer of Amare Dating.

The night will entail games, fine dining & wine. There is a no phone policy when you enter ❌📱. Do you dare to find love? Let me know if you attend. 😉

Date: Friday, April 26 2019

Time: 9pm

Venue: Sierra Lighthouse, Aberdeen

Fee: Le500,000

to RSVP: +23276127535 / +23279940303


And that's it folks! Let me know what event you attend. Use the hashtag #Top7 on Twitter & just tag me @minabilkis 🤗

Look out for next month's #Top7 on Tuesday, April 30 2019 for May's edition!

To have your event featured, kindly contact us at

ergo sum cogito

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