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Top 7 Things to do in Freetown in May 2023

I feel April spoilt us.

April gave us 4 day and even 3 day weeks with all the holidays and I am convinced May just cannot do it like April. April is truly the one that got away.

Apart from Labor Day of course which was May 1, I'm still a bit nostalgic from April if I'm being honest. Maybe that's why I took the week to release this 😊

Anywho, the show must go on as it said and so will Top 7 Things to do in Freetown in May 2023. Happy happy new month!

It's been quite a busy weekend already, to a dancehall party on Friday, a day party yesterday and in the morning as I understand it the United Kingdom crowned their local chief...I believe the term used may be "king" if I'm not mistaken and there were serval watch parties across the city. Quite very busy it seems. All in all, no more public holidays to look forward to this month but there are plenty of things to do in Freetown and as usual I'll list 7 to get the ball rolling:

1. Kiddies Gala 👧🏾👦🏾🎉

The Met Gala took place last week and here today in Freetown we have the Kiddies Gala!

How I wish I could have attended a glam event like this as a child. I would need to ask Narnia what the price ticket for "Children At Heart" would be as I don't qualify under the "children" ticket and I don't like how "adult" sounds.

The event to spend your Sunday for parents, guardians of little humans, rich aunties and uncles alike taking their unemployed nieces and nephews to have a good time - basically if you have a kid with a killer fit take the child to Kiddies Gala!

At this royal event there will be activities such as a talent show, cultural performances, pop up drinks and food stalls, games and an award for the best dressed!

To attend:

Date: Sunday, May 7 2023

Time: 11:00am-6:00pm

Venue: Shangri La, Lumley Beach

Tickets: Children nLe 100 (includes a snack and drink)

Adults nLe 50

VIP - by donation

For more information, call +232 78 752 542

*This is a sponsored post

2. Drink Fest 🧉

Drink Fest is also happening near the beach today!

With the excessive heat we've been getting, perhaps you'd like to quench your thirst at a fest entirely dedicated to drinks? From non-alcoholic, alcoholic, smoothies, juices and milk based beverages check out Drink Fest and vibe with DJ Dito Freaky at:

Date: Sunday, May 7 2023

Time: 1oam - midnight (so basically all day)

Venue: The Beach Cafe, Lumley Beach Road - Bendu's Drive (Former Lovers Garden)

Entrance Fee: nLe 50

3. Detox with Sisi Fitsi

Are you traveling to a 4 season climate country that will be experiencing summer shortly or staying behind to build your dry season body during the rains? Either way Sisi Fitsi has you covered.

Sisi is a fitness and wellness instructor here in Freetown. For the month of May she is hosting the Juice Cleanse & Detox program. There are 3 packages:

3 Day Detox - nLe 720

This includes: 1 breakfast smoothie, 1 lunch smoothie and 1 soup bowl

7 Day Detox - nLe 1,600

This includes: 1 breakfast smoothie, 1 lunch smoothie, 1 energy bites snack and 1 soup bowl

14 day Detox - nLe 2,300

This includes: 1 cleansing juice, 1 breakfast smoothie, 1 lunch smoothie bowl, 2 energy bites snacks, 1 salad bowl

To book your program with Sisi:

Contact: +232 77 029 602

Gym: Sky Fitness Gym, 55 Wilkinson Road

*This is a collaborative post

4. Financial Literacy Training for Entrepreneurs 📝

Aurora Impact looks to train entrepreneurs in financial literacy in order to efficiently manage finances and track income with record keeping, does this sound like you?

If so, register with Aurora to improve your finance skills:

Date: Tuesday, May 16 - Thursday, May 18 2023

Time: 09:30am - 4:30pm

Registration Fee: nLe 40

Contact: +232 79 728 574

Office address: 186 Wilkinson Road (opposite Lumley police station)

5. Amapiano Rave 💃🏽

Amapiano has been taking the world by storm and Freetown nor go carry last (is not exception). If you have the moves (even if you don't sha) and looking to catch a vibe, Amapiano Rave by Waka Salone x Freaky session may be for you.

Date: Saturday, May 20 2023

Time: 3pm - dawn 👀

Venue: Decode, Lumley Beach

Tickets: Early bird - nLe 200

At the gate - nLe 250

For further inquiries contact: +232 76 198 804 and +232 79 172 004

6.) Fitness Challenge at Banana Islands 👟

Have you been to Banana Islands and/or are you looking for a fitness challenge?

Visit Sierra Leone challenges you to join them at Banana Islands as you hike from Dublin to Simpson Hill.

I am even out of breath by just typing that.

But for those who have far better stamina and grit than me, get your fitness on:

Date: Saturday, May 20 2023

Time: 7am prompt

Meeting point: Visit Sierra Leone office - 28 Main Motor Road, Congo Cross

Cost: nLe 1,400 or $70 (USD) - this includes: a guided hike, bus ride, boat ride, community fee and lunch

You are asked to bring: comfortable walking shoes, 2 liters of water, snacks, change of clothes, humor and grit.

7. Bunce Island 🏝️

Old Photos of Sierra Leone is organizing a trip to the historical Bunce Island Fortress.

Situated 20 miles from Freetown in the Sierra Leone River; Bunce Island was the holding place of tens of thousands of kidnapped Africans who were eventually sold and forced into slavery to the North American colonies of South Carolina and Georgia in the United States by the Royal Africa Company.

To learn more about this part of history:

Date: Sunday, May 28 2023

Fee: nLe 300 includes boat ride to Bunce and Tasso islands, guided tour and lunch at Tasso

Not included in this fee is the entrance fee to Bunce Island:

Nationals: nLe 50

Non nationals: nLe 100

For further inquiries, contact +232 76 791 281

And that's it for me!

What will you be doing this month? Whatever you choose, hope you have fun doing it.

More later ✌🏾

Mina Bilkis

ergo sum cogito


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