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Top 7 Things to do in Freetown in June 2023

Where has time flown?

I feel like May just sped by, or maybe it's

Either way, we are already in June - my favorite month of the year for obvious reasons #birthdaymonth 🥳. To my dismay it is the most anticipated month of 2023 not because of me 🤭 but due the big Elephant in the room - elections!

And because of this I can't help but feel there doesn't seem to be much activities happening in our beloved city. Do what you can or what interests you.

Here are 7 things to do in Freetown this June:

1. Opening of Sasha's Garden by The Kɔna 🥘

If you're a Tayt Styu Kɔna lover of their food and pop up events then Sasha's Garden by The Kɔna is for you.

Sasha's Garden opens today and promises an immersive experience of exquisite meals, grilled food and Salone small chops, uniquely curated drinks and a variety of shisha flavors.

Reservations are highly encouraged as seating is limited, but walk-ins are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays with the exception of Fridays-Sunday which are RSVP only.

To partake in this culinary and laid back experience:

Days of operation: Wednesday - Sunday

Time: 4pm - 1am

Venue: 22A Nylender Street, off Beach Road, Aberdeen

Entry: 21 years and above

For more information and to make your reservation, you can contact: +232 30 103 333

2. 2023 Mayoral Debate by Sierraeye and ILRAJ 🗣️

Sierraeye and Institute for Legal Research and Advocacy for Justice (ILRAJ) present this year's 2023 Mayoral Debate under the theme "Freetown Decides: Building a Better Future for Freetown".

If you already have an invite or are looking to get one to be [more] informed about our mayoral candidates and their plans for Freetown, you can attend this debate on:

Date: Saturday, June 3 2023

Time: 5pm (door closes at 5pm)

Venue: Lagoonda Complex, Aberdeen

To RSVP, you can contact: +232 30 662 102

3. Tasso Ecotourism 🏝️

Looking for a quick one day getaway? Consider booking an excursion with Tasso Ecotourism.

Starting on Sunday, June 4 2023 and every Saturday going forward from 9am-4pm, Tasso Ecotourism presents Excursion and Buffet Lunch. It is a great opportunity to visit these historical islands with a guided tour.

To book your excursion, you can contact:

Tel: +232 76 791 281 | +232 30 643 529 | +232 76 460 428 | +232 88 263 081

Fee: nLe 400 per person

4. Brunchin 🥞

Members of the Shwen Shwen community, it's your time to shine! Brunchin returns with the Shwen Shwen edition. Starting off with a brunch buffet, it transitions to a day party and continues till late. To get your brunch (and schwen schwen) on:

Date: Sunday, June 4 2023

Time: 12pm - 5pm (day party continues till late)

Venue: Leo Restaurant, Sierra Palms Hotel - 5th Floor, Lumley Beach Road

Fee: Entry + Brunch Buffet- nLe 450

Day party only - nLe 150

For table options, tickets and reservations, you can contact +232 79 737 459

5. Poda Poda by Wan Roof Theater 🎭

Wan Roof Theater presents a theatrical performance entitled Poda Poda written by Wan Roof and directed by Carlos Velazquez and Bilal Jalloh (BJ).

Their payment policy is "pay as you can" however, you must book your place at +232 78 442 456. They have a list of performances in Freetown before they head out to Makeni. Since this segment is called "Top 7 Things to do in Freetown" -- I'll list those that will take place in Freetown 😅

1. Sunday, June 4 2023 | Bintumani, Aberdeen | 6pm

2. Monday, June 5 2023 | Jeskamac Bar, Lumley Beach Road | 6pm

3. Tuesday, June 6 2023 | Luke Farm Elway (Near Academy) | 6pm

4. Wednesday, June 7 2023 | New Alex Bar (Tamba Cola) | 6pm

5. Thursday, June 8 2023 | Luke Farm Elway (Near Academy) | 6pm

6. Friday, June 9 2023 | Luke's Reggae Farm (26 Siaka Stevens Street) | 6pm

7. Saturday, June 10 2023 | Tacugama, Regent | 5pm

6. Secret Sessions by Telem Freetown 🤫

Telem Freetown is back with another Secret Sessions and the theme is: Music Futures in the Multiverse 🛸🔮

"Telem is in a very expansive and bold new phase, and we want to encourage our artists and community members to come with us into that new universe. What is the most interesting and bold version of our music(s) that we could imagine? 50 years from now, what kinds of futuristic sounds will be on the airwaves? How might we conceptualize ourselves as universal creative beings, tied not to the current moment but to a glorious thriving future out in the multiverse?" - Telem Freetown

To be a part of this experience you need to register: Telem Freetown Google Form (

Date: Saturday, June 10 2023

Time: 8pm

Fee: nLe 300: Entry

nLe 600: Entry + a glass of bubbly

nLe 1,000: Entry + 2 glasses of bubbly

nLe 1,500: Entry + 2 glasses of bubbly + session time with Telem

Location: It will be revealed 24 hours to the event

To reserve your seats, payments are accepted via Orange Money at +232 78 991 991.

No tickets will be sold at the door.

7. Exercise your civic duty: vote 🗳️

Time to address the elephant in the room 🐘

The much anticipated day of the year for Sierra Leoneans is fast approaching - June 24 2023.

To all eligible and registered Sierra Leoneans that intend to exercise their civic duty, here are some tips:

  1. Refrain from wearing political affiliated colors on Election Day, endeavor to wear neutral colors.

  2. Fact check information before sharing it to avoid [inadvertently] being an agent of misinformation, disinformation and fake news

  3. Cast your vote devoid of any influence

  4. Wait for the results

Wishing us a safe, fair and transparent elections. Let's do it for Mama Salone. 🇸🇱

Until next month, or later. Stay safe Freetown.

Much love,


ergo sum cogito


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